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  • Black Jack was designed with a 6.5-ft (2-m) frame to fit through standard interior doors and indoor/outdoor rubber wheels that can handle any terrain. Perfect for everywhere from narrow aisles and crowded auto shops to fitness centers and outdoor wedding venues, Black Jack is light and maneuverable enough for one person to easily push around.
  • Wet-rated for indoor/outdoor use and easy wash-down
  • Creates airflow that spans 120 feet
  • Whisper-quiet direct-drive motor draws only 7.5 amps at top speed
  • Measurements: 84" wide x 29" deep x 78" high.
  • Weight: 310 Lbs.
  • 25 ft cord with plug fits standard power outlet.
  • Input power and required breaker: 110-125 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 , 15 A
  • Amperage: 7.8 - 7.1 A Wattage: 473 W

Black Jack Fan - 6.5' Diameter

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