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Tent Care Solutions


The tent rental industry has seen an increased demand for safe, clean tents.  We researched all of the options for keeping tents clean and we have found the TEECO tent washer to be the best solution.  The TEECO washer will clean both sides of the fabric, webbing, and sidewall ropes. Try doing that with a brush and pressure washer! 

Let us take your tops and handle them from start to finish.  We will take great care of your fabric, and you will have more time to tackle the important tasks at hand. 

We also offer rope replacement and minor repair work.  

Tents and Sidewall prices based on square footage for each individual piece.
Under 400 s.f. - $.25 per s.f.
400 to 1000 s.f. - $.30 per s.f.
Above 1000 s.f. - $.35 per s.f.
Tent Bags: $10 per bag
Drop cloths / Tarps: $.15 per s.f.
Bounce Houses: $1.80 per s.f.
Click here to print a copy of our Washing Checklist
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